KleenBore SAF-T-Clad™.22-.45 Handgun Rod 6.5″ Length

$ 11.99

The SAF-T-CLAD™ 6.5′ Working Length Hangdun rod is the result of a technological breakthrough in thermal setting resins. These resins are applied by KleenBore on high-grade solid steel rods to create an unbelievably smooth surface for the ultimate in rifling and bore protection. SAF-T-CLAD is a quality coated cleaning rod, an excellent choice for shooters who clean often and expect precision.



  • KleenBore solid steel construction SAF-T-CLAD coated rod, 6.5” Length with swivel Handle
  • SAF-T-CLAD coated steel Patch Holder
  • Designed for .22-.45 Cal. Handguns
  • Made in USA


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 1 in