(Coming Soon, Available 5/1/2021) KleenBore 1 Piece Heavy Duty Shotgun Rod (.410-10 GA)

The KleenBore 1 Piece Aluminum All Gauge Shotgun Rod is 3/8” large diameter cleaning rod, built just for shotguns, that is perfect to use for cleaning .410 thru 10 GA Shotgun. This 34″ Working Length heavy-duty cleaning rod powers through heavy plastic and powder fouling that can impede the efficacy of your shotgun. Whether you’re using a .410 gauge or a 10 Gauge shotgun, use the KleenBore Aluminum All Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Rod to maintain and preserve your favorite firearm.

●Sure-grip T Handle that allows you to scrub with leverage
●All Gauge Shotgun Nylon Patch Holder
●Packaged in Reusable Tube
●Made in USA


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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 36 × .65 × .65 in