3 Gun Tactical Kit 5.56/.223 Cal. Rifle -9mm Handgun /12 Gauge Shotgun

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3 Gun Modular Tactical Kit

The KleenBore Modular 3 gun kit has all of your 5.56mm/.223 Cal. / 9mm / 12 GA maintenance needs covered. Whether your into 3 gun competitions or just want one kit that covers the most popular firearms, this modular kit can be expanded to include more cleaning patches or any of your favorite cleaning tools.


Black Modular Tactical Pouch

5pc. KleenBore Coated Rigid Cleaning Rods 30″ Working Length

Polymer Muzzle Guard

3 sizes of Phosphor Bronze Bore Brushes: .223/5.56mm, 9mm, and 12 GA

Black Steel Patch Holder

Black Nylon Shotgun Patch Holder

Double End Nylon Utility Brush

Shotgun Adaptor

3 size of Cotton Flannel Cleaning Patches: .223/5.56mm, 9mm, and 12 GA

Lava Red Original Bore Light

Made in USA

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 in